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Onward Israel 2018 Week 5: Break Out Sessions

After a week full of traveling and meeting new people, this week started off with a change of pace. We all got to take the day off from our internships on Sunday (a typical work day in Israel). Many of us took this time to sleep in and enjoy our mornings with a nice cup of coffee, and then…

Onward Israel 2018 Week 4: Jerusalem & Netanya

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog posts then you know the Onward Cincinnati group is about halfway done with our internship time in Israel. Our summer here has been flying by and we are enjoying every minute of it! This week was especially packed with some fun trips and excursions.

Onward Israel 2018 Week 3: Networking

On Wednesday, we all got to leave our internship positions a little earlier than normal and attended an Onward sponsored event with participants from all over the country. Unlike our other excursions and trips, the Onward conference included all of the participants instead of just a few…

Onward Israel Cincinnati 2018 Week 2: Learning more about Israel

This week on our trip was not a typical work week for members of our group. We started the week again on Sunday by returning to our internships, but instead of going back to our normal internship work on Monday, we took a day trip. On our trip, we went to the southern part of Israel and we…

Onward Israel 2018 Week 1: Getting in the Swing of Things

My name is Mason Williams I will be the official Onward Israel Cincinnati blogger for the next 8 weeks. I wanted to start off by saying why I decided to apply for the Onward Israel internship program. At the beginning of 2018 I made the resolution to get out of my comfort zone and to try new…