The Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati, established in 1850 with funds donated by the local Jewish community, was the nation's first Jewish hospital. For over 150 years the Jewish Hospital provided state-of-the-art medical care and services to the citizens of Cincinnati. In 1994, in response to the nation's rapidly changing healthcare environment and the move toward multi-hospital consolidation, the Jewish Hospital made a contribution of over $200 million to become part of the Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati. The original Burnet Avenue facility was closed and consolidated with the new and enlarged Kenwood facility. With almost $70 million in excess assets, a strategy to create a Jewish foundation with resources to invest in Cincinnati's Jewish community began to evolve.


In 1995, the assets from the Jewish Health System were transferred to the newly incorporated Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati. The first officers and trustees were designated and the work of The Jewish Foundation was under way. 


The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati is the oldest continuously operating Jewish Federation in North America, established in 1896. 


The collaboration between these two local Jewish organizations is unprecedented in North America.