Overnight Jewish Camp

Approved Camps

If the camp you want to attend is not on this list, please contact us to confirm if the camp meets the criteria.



92Y Camps (New York)  Arts Community Environment Health and Wellness Special Needs Travel



Camp Agudah - Midwest (Michigan) Single Gender

Camp Agudah - New York (New York) Single Gender

Camp Agudah - Toronto (Toronto, Canada) Single Gender

Camps Airy & Louise (Maryland) Community

Camp Akiba (California) Community Special Needs

Camp Alonim (California) Community

American Jewish Society for Service (Multiple Options) Leadership Social Action

Aryeh Adventures (Multiple Options) Special Needs

Camp Avoda (Massachusetts) Single Gender



Camp B'nai Brith (Montreal, Canada) Community Special Needs

Camp B'nai Brith​ (Ottawa, Canada) Arts Community Leadership Sports

B'nai B'rith Beber Camp (Wisconsin) Community Special Needs

B'nai Brith Camp (Oregon) Arts Community Travel Special Needs

Camp B'Yachad (New York) Community

Bais Chana Jewish Un-Camp (Minnesota) Single Gender

Camp Barney Medintz (Georgia) Arts Outdoor Adventure Sports Special Needs

Camp Bauercrest (Massachusetts) Single Gender Sports

Camp BB-Riback (Alberta, Canada) Outdoor Adventure Sports

BBYO Chapter Leadership Training Conference (Multiple Options) Community Entrepreneurship Leadership Social Action

BBYO International Kallah (International) Community Leadership

BBYO International Leadership Training Conference (International) Community Leadership

BBYO Passport (Multiple Options) Travel

Camp Be'chol Lashon (California) Community

Camp Ben Frankel (Illinois) Community Leadership

Berkshire Hills Emanuel Camps (New York) Community

BIMA at Brandeis University (Massachusetts) Arts

Camp Bnos Maarava (Indiana) Single Gender



Camp Cabri (Montreal, Canada) Community

Camp Inc. (Colorado) Entrepreneurship

Capital Camps (Pennsylvania) Community Leadership Outdoor Adventure Special Needs Travel

Cedar Lake Camp (Pennsylvania) Arts Science and Technology Sports

Chavayah Overnight Camp for Girls (Wisconsin) Community Single Gender

Camp Chayolei Hamelec (Pennsylvania) Community Sports

Camp Chi (Wisconsin) Community Leadership Outdoor Adventure Travel Special Needs

Camp Chomeish of New England (Connecticut) Single Gender



Camp Daisy and Harry Stein (Arizona) Community

Camp Darom (Alabama) Community Leadership Outdoor Adventure Travel

Camp Dina (Pennsylvania) Arts Health and Wellness Outdoor Adventure Single Gender Sports Travel

Camp Dora Golding (Pennsylvania) Outdoor Adventure Single Gender Sports Travel



Eden Village Camp (New York) Environment Special Needs

Emma Kaufmann Camp (West Virginia) Arts Community Outdoor Adventure Sports

Camp Emunah Bnos Yaakov Yehudah (New York) Single Gender

Etgar 36 (Multiple Options) Leadership Social Action Travel



Camp Galil (Pennsylvania) Community

Camp Gan Israel (Pennsylvania) Single Gender Special Needs

Genesis at Brandeis University (Massachusetts) Entrepreneurship Health and Wellness Science and Technology

Gindling Hilltop Camp (California) Arts Community Leadership

Golden Slipper Camp (Pennsylvania) Outdoor Adventure Sports



Harry Bronfman Y Country Camp (Montreal, Canada) Community Leadership

Camp HASC (New York) Special Needs

Camp Hatikvah (Vancouver, Canada) Community

Camp Henry Horner (Illinois) Health and Wellness Leadership Special Needs Sports

Herzl Camp (Wisconsin) Community Environment Health and Wellness Leadership Outdoor Adventure Social Action Travel Special Needs

Camp Hess Kramer (California) Arts Community Leadership



Camp Interlaken JCC (Wisconsin) Community Outdoor Adventure Travel



J. Academy Camp (Ontario, Canada) Community

Camp JCA Shalom (California) Community Environment Special Needs

JCC Camp Kingswood (Maine) Special Needs

JCC Maccabi Sports Camp (California) Community Sports

JCC Ranch Camp (Colorado) Community Leadership Outdoor Adventure Social Action Sports Travel

Jewish Girls Retreat (New York) Single Gender

Camp JORI (Rhode Island) Community Leadership Special Needs

Camp JRF (Pennsylvania) Arts Community Leadership Outdoor Adventure Sports Travel Special Needs

Camp Judaea (North Carolina) Community Special Needs



Camp Kadimah (Nova Scotia, Canada) Community

Camp Kaylie (New York) Arts Community Health and Wellness Sports Special Needs

Camp Kinder Ring (New York) Arts Outdoor Adventure Sports Travel

Camp Kinderland (Massachusetts) Arts Community Outdoor Adventure Social Action Sports Travel

Camp Kinneret-Biluim (Quebec, Canada) Arts Community Leadership Sports

Camp Kol Torah (Ohio) Community



Camp L'man Achai (New York) Outdoor Adventure Single Gender Special Needs Sports Travel

Camp Laurelwood (Connecticut) Arts Community Outdoor Adventure

Camp Lavi (New York) Special Needs

Camp Livingston (Indiana) Arts Community Leadership Outdoor Adventure Sports Travel Special Needs

Camp Louemma (New Jersey) Arts Outdoor Adventure Sports



Camp Maor (New York) Arts

Camp Massad (Winnipeg, Canada) Community Leadership Outdoor Adventure Travel Special Needs

Camp Mesorah (New York) Special Needs

Camp Morasha (Pennsylvania) Community Special Needs

Camp Moshava (Ontario, Canada) Community Special Needs

Camp Mountain Chai (California) Community Leadership Science and Technology Social Action Travel



Camp Nageela (New York) Community Leadership

NCSY Camp Sports (Maryland) Sports

Camp Nesher (Pennsylvania) Community Special Needs



Camp Pardas Chanah (Quebec, Canada) Single Gender

Camp Pembroke (Massachusetts) Single Gender

Pinemere Camp (Pennsylvania) Community Leadership

Camp Poyntelle (Pennsylvania) Community Leadership



Ramah Outdoor Adventure (Colorado) Outdoor Adventure Special Needs

Camp Ramah in Wisconsin (Wisconsin) Arts Community Leadership Outdoor Adventure Social Action Special Needs Sports

Ramah Sports Academy (Connecticut) Sports Community Health and Wellness

Round Lake Camp (Pennsylvania) Special Needs



Camp Sabra (Missouri) Arts Community Outdoor Adventure

Camp Seneca Lake (New York) Arts Social Action

Sephardic Adventure Camp (Washington) Arts Community Outdoor Adventure Sports Travel

Camp Shalom (Ontario, Canada) Community Environment

SHMA Camps (New York) Arts Leadership Outdoor Adventure Single Gender Special Needs Sports Travel

Camp Shomria (New York) Community Entrepreneurship Health and Wellness

Camp Shoshanim (Pennsylvania) Arts Science and Technology Single Gender Sports Special Needs

Shwayder Camp (Colorado) Arts Community Outdoor Adventure Sports

Camp Simcha (New York) Special Needs

Camp Solelim (Ontario, Canada) Leadership

Camp Solomon Schechter (Pacific Northwest) Community

Camp Stone (Pennsylvania) Community Leadership Outdoor Adventure Travel

Surprise Lake Camp (New York) Community



Tamarack Camps (Michigan) Leadership Outdoor Adventure Special Needs Travel

Camp Tawonga (California) Community Environment Leadership Outdoor Adventure Travel

Teen Camp (Pennsylvania) Arts Health and Wellness Leadership Outdoor Adventure Science and Technology Social Action Sports Travel

Camp Tel Noar (New Hampshire) Community

Camp Tel Yehudah (New York) Community Leadership Social Action Travel

Camp Tevya (New Hampshire) Arts Community Health and Wellness Outdoor Adventure Sports

TheZone (New York) Arts Environment Health and Wellness Outdoor Adventure Sports



URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy (New Jersey) Science and Technology Special Needs

URJ 6 Points Sports Academy (North Carolina) Sports Special Needs Community Health and Wellness

URJ Camps (Multiple Options) Community Special Needs

URJ Goldman Union Camp Institute - GUCI (Indiana) Community

URJ Mitzvah CorpsSocial Action ​

URJ Olin-Sang-Ruby Institute - OSRUI (Wisconsin) Community

USY on Wheels (Multiple Options) Community Travel



Camp Wise (Ohio) Community Leadership Outdoor Adventure Social Action



YACHAD Camp Programs (Multiple Options) Special Needs Travel

Camp Yaldei (Montreal, Canada) Special Needs

Camp Yavneh (New Hampshire) Arts Leadership Sports Special Needs

Yeshivas Hakayitz (Illinois) Community Single Gender

Camp Yofi (Tennessee) Special Needs

Camp Young Judaea (New Hampshire) Arts Community Sports Special Needs

Camp Young Judaea Midwest (Wisconsin) Arts Community Outdoor Adventure Sports

Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake (New York) Special Needs

Camp Young Judaea Texas (Texas) Special Needs



Camp Zeke (Pennsylvania) Health and Wellness Sports

*Only trips in USA are eligible for the Cincy Journeys overnight Jewish camp grant.

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